Tips for travel with pet

Pets are our good friends. They are adorable, loyal, and dedicated. However, as for animals, their needs differ from ours, and for that reason, taking care of a pet needs patience and knowledge. Once you have a pet, you will definitely have tons of fun playing around with your cat or dog, but looking after him and maintaining his well-being will soon become your sole responsibility.

So now you already get used to having a pet and all the responsibilities associating with it, and one day you want to travel. Unless you have someone take care of your cat while you are away, you have an idea of taking your pet with you on your trip. Travelling with your furry friend is a fun experience, and people are doing it more and more often, but there are certainly hardships and difficulties for all parties involved: trip operators such as airlines or railroads, your pet, and yourself. How to be well-prepared? Let’s find out.

Get identification cards for your pets

Similar to your luggage, identification cards help you track and find your pet in case you are separated from your pets. When travelling, you have to follow the carriers’ policies, and sometimes your pets cannot stay with you the entire time. Hence, for these situations, identification cards make finding your pets easier and faster. Additionally, it is also recommended that you get a permanent identification for your pets. This can be done by fitting your pets with a microchip. If microchip does not sound appealing to you, having your pet tattooed by the National Dog Registry can be another option. Either way, don’t forget to register the number. Even when you are not travelling, a permanent identification is helpful to find your pet if he happened to get lost somewhere.

Proper training in advance

We love travelling, but having to sit still and being moved around places may not be a fun experience for our little friends. Usually when being moved, cats or dogs tend to get nervous or too exciting. Therefore, to make your travelling (or just moving) smooth, do train your pets before the trip. Having proper training in advance will make the travelling experience more familiar and enjoyable to your pets. There are many books and information about training dogs or cats, so you can definitely check out few training tips to familiarize your pets with travelling conditions. Our goal is to train them to remain calm and focus on your commands during the drive so that they would not hurt us and themselves. One example of a training practice is to get your dog or cat familiar with your car and its settings. For most of the times, animals are highly alert when they are in a new place, so having your pet get used to the things in your car may prevent your pet from anxiety. Thus, on the day of the trip, your pet will more likely to behave appropriately as previously trained.


Secure your pets.

A good way to transport your dog or cat is to have a carrier. There are many types of carriers: fabric, plastics, and so on. However, each type has its own pros and cons. Fabric ones are soft, but they are less secured, since fabric is easily torn or damaged while loading and unloading. Thus, your dog or cat may get injured if the carrier is damaged or unable to protect him. On the other hand, plastic carriers are quite bulky, but they are versatile and safer than any other kinds. Hence, if you want to travel with your pet, especially by air, a recommendation is to get a plastic one as your pet is highly secured when transporting. In addition to securing your pets in carriers, you should also pay attention to their mental states. If you have seen your pet got extremely nervous or anxious in an unfamiliar setting before, you may want to calm your pet with medication prior to the trip. You can always consult a veterinarian for the best type of medication. If needed, extra capsules can be brought along to make sure you have the medication to treat your pets.

Prepare all the essentials

These include food, water, and a first aid pet kit. Travelling is fun, but in-transit times has unpredictable length, which is unpleasant, especially for your pets. Your dog or cat is not like us, who can control our hunger or just simply eat some junk food. Hunger can be extremely disturbing for animals, so long layover will definitely a pleasant experience for your pets. Sometimes your pets do not have access to clean water or food, so be prepared for the lack of food and water by bringing extra. But what if you are in a long flight and separated from your dog or cat? How can you feed them? One suggestion is to use an automatic cat feeder or dog feeder installed in the carrier, so that even when you are not with them, they will still get the food and water needed. Another essential item that you should bring is a first aid pet kit. In case of emergency, always contact an animal healthcare professional first, but if a professional is not readily available, the first aid pet kid can help you assist your pets.

In brief, it may sound stressful or dangerous to bring your pet along while travelling, but with careful preparation, you can definitely ensure your pets’ safety. Don’t be afraid of being extra because you never know what will happen, and those extra things could be your saviour. After all, travelling with your four-legged friend is fun, and you should not let these preparations bring you down. It could be a bit busy and handy to take care of both your pet and yourself, but once you get used to it, it would be a piece of cake. We hope you have wonderful journeys with the furry friends!


Hearing Protection for Musicians

For musicians, it’s very to protect their hearing because they have to be exposed to music. And, this can cause hearing loss. You may have to face the tinnitus. Ear protection for musicians can help to reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Don’t worry! You may not know you can still hear all the music and important sounds when using most available musicians earplugs today. It’s never too early or too late to learn how to care for your ears. In this article, we will give you the list of best musicians earplugs.

Preventing hearing loss

The fact is that many people can be able to have constant loud sound exposure for years without any effects. On the contrary, some others can get damage after just one event. That’s the truth. But, it’s still a priority for every musician to protect their hearing. In fact, you can prevent the progression by taking some immediate steps. Make sure you always use ear protection in order to avoid ruining your ears.

In addition, you can also use a dB meter to develop the habit of concerning about the volume levels around you. More importantly, you need to look for quality speakers, in-ear monitors, or headphones. They allow you to get accurate frequency response. Don’t forget to keep their volume levels in check. You can also make a habit to use earbuds or plugs for any loud environment.

Start protecting your ears right away!

First, you should think about getting a cheap pair of foam earplugs. It’s easy to find them in most hardware stores. In fact, they are at an affordable price. They can help to reduce the volume in your ear. Normally, they are made of softer silicone. So, they are not harmful to your ears. Keep reading to learn about top best musicians earplugs on the market today.

Top best musicians earplugs

Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs

This device is a great choice for those who are looking for one for going to gigs, parties, as well as clubs. The earplugs can help to drop the decibel level by a whopping 25dB. Using them, you can get the noise at a safer level.

Thanks to their designs, you can hear the music in the club and the conversation. That’s why this is considered as the first choice of bartenders. They are also great for musicians because of their hardwearing construction as well as the reduction in sound.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs

As musicians, you want to listen to the vibe of the song. This is one of the most popular products for hearing protection today. It can able to dramatically reduce the decibel level of the noise you are listening. Moreover, it can also be able to filter out all the damaging frequencies. This is the reason why it’s the best choice for professionals.

When choosing this product, you will get three interchangeable attenuators. Then, you can easily reduce the volume to your liking. You can easily use them with full of comfort. Indeed, you can attach them to your keys. The Alpine Musicsafe Pro Ear Plugs are also a great choice for your budget.

Vic Firth VF-EAR-R Regular EarPlugs

If you are a drummer, you easily get the risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss because of your constant exposer to the speakers and amps. Then, the Vic Firth VF-EAR-R regular earplugs are your best choice. They offer a 20dB sound reduction straight away. Thus, you can manage as well as reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. In addition, they come with the heavy-duty neck cord.

Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers

When it comes to the best hearing protection products, we have to mention to the Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers. They are designed for a 25 dB sound reduction. If you are looking for a product for drummers for live use, consider this product. They come with the soft fabric headband. So, you will feel comfortable when wearing them. Also, this is a good choice for your kid’s ears.

Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs

This device allows you to tune out all those harsh and damaging frequencies. And, it offers a 19dB sound reduction. It makes sure you can still hear the clarity of the music you’re listening to. When it comes to the Blackstar ACS Earplugs, you can get two sets of earplugs, a carry case, a set of filters, as well as a neck cord all. But, this is a good choice for your budget. It allows you to reuse. Consider it if you have to take part in gigs or DJ clubs.

ProGuard Custom Fit Musicians and DJs Earplugs

It’s a great investment when you purchase a set of custom musicians earplugs. This unit is actually one of the best musicians earplugs in the world. This is also a great option for professionals who need a custom option to protect their hearing. Think about them when you have the intention of taking part in long jam sessions or gigs.

Sleeping with your dog

According to a survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 79 percent of pet owners allow pets to share beds with their human family members and 42 percent of that is dog owners. It shows the popularity of the practice. Passionate pooch owners tend to fall privy to their puppies’ relentless begging of allowing them to sleep on their beds. Besides, for those who lack companionship in their lives, dogs serve as a security blanket; thus it may be so obvious why so many dog lovers have their canines sleep on their beds.

When it comes to sharing the bed with your furry counterparts, there are both pros and cons to consider and it is wise to be aware to those important issues below.


Within a day, we spend most time away from our home with work and other occupations, and our pets have numerous hours playing alone. Therefore, normally many dog owners wish to at least spend the nights snuggling their canine partners.

Generally, dogs help us relax. The soothing presence of a sleeping dog can help people who suffer from insomnia or someone who has an anxious personality to fall asleep quicker that it lulls them to sleep. There has been scientific evidence to suggest that the peaceful waves emitted by your loved canines can have influence on your brain for the good because even in sleep, brains subconsciously interact. Also, dogs serve as highly efficient, non-electric blankets and how enjoyable it can be to cuddle a warm and fluffy pet on a cold winter night!

Sleeping with our dogs may be a kind of medical treatment and offer comfort, especially if you live by yourself as they provide a sense of security and make us feel safer or calmer in bed. For adults who are afraid of intruders, a dog provides a sense of security and that for children from being scare of the dark. Speaking of the feelings of safety and calm, a cuddle increases the levels of oxytocin in our bodies, thus raises the feelings of relaxations, trust and psychological stability. There is also scientific evidence to suggest that the peaceful waves emitted by your loved canines can have influence on your brain for the good because even in sleep, brains subconsciously interact.

When it comes to your furry BFF, there are benefits for them when sharing sleep with owners. Allowing canines to sleep with us on the bed has contributed to him feeling loved, secured and made him happier.

Disadvantages and what you can do

Unfortunately, sleeping with pets can disturb sleep, cause behavior problems and even generate health issues.

To start with, your sleep cycle may be disturbed if your puppy do all the tossing, turning and snoring during nights or they could smell bad. The loss of quality sleep will not only cause you to be cranky the next morning but lower your immune responses and impact your mental and physical health one or another way. On the flip side, disturbed sleep and restless nights are studied to happen to your dog too. You may not notice and be surprised that you might toss and turn throughout the night more than your pup would like. So you should let your dog stay on the floor while you are in bed for at least 10 minutes then invite him into bed and lay him lay calm at the foot or side of the bed. Let your dog know that the bed is not a place where he can toss and turn, play or even chew his bone by getting him off the bed when he insists on jumping on it.

Secondly, sleeping in the same bed may complicate dominance or aggression. It is said by conventional wisdom that having your dog sleeping with you can cause them to believe they are the alpha and even give them the illusion they are in control as when in bed, dogs, especially big dogs think they are taller than you.  More than that, some aggressive behaviors can be aggravated like guarding the wife by growling when the husbands enters the bed. That’s why you’d better have your “pack” relationship established properly by educating your pet that sleeping with you is not a right but a privilege or a reward that when you say “off” they must vacate. If you canines keeps asking for attention or making noise, they should be punished by having to leave the bed or the bed room. Sleeping together is a perfect way to bond with your dogs but don’t forget the necessary rules, boundaries and limitations.

However, the cons mostly relates to disease, dirt and fleas because germs and parasites can be picked up and brought into your bed by your loved puppy. People who counteract the positivity of dogs and owners sleeping together in the same bed worry about parasites such as fleas and ticks or health risks. It may be very dangerous if you have young children that their immune systems have not development completely yet. The best advices are make sure your pets are treated against fleas and ticks to prevent them from invading in your bedroom, then limit dead fur by regular washing your sheets and especially checking your puppies for parasites. Apart from considering using preventative medicine for these parasites, keeping your pets well-groomed will prevent those problems from occurring in their fur and make all the difference. You can check some dog grooming clippers on this post from PetUpon to find out the right one for your friends.

Sewing Sportswear? Starting a new business


Nowadays, sports play an important role in the people’s life, it not only helps to improve your health but also make you relax after the hard working day. There is thousands problem about sports, but in this article, I just want to mention about how to make the sportswear, in other words, some tips for sewing sport wears.

We hope that it can make you find interesting from sewing sportswear and you can sew some for yourself with the right design and style. You particularly can increase imagination ability.

Advises for sewing sport wears

We are going to show you five tips to sew sportswear and plus to handling the stretch fabrics that you need for the type of garment. Besides, If you have not had the sewing machine yet, you can buy it on the internet with the good price.

I used to buy a sewing machine from this web, and I am very satisfied with this machine and the cost as well because I compare it with the same model but with the very high cost.

Select the exercise-specific pattern

As you know, mostly commercial sewing pattern are produced very well in term of appearance when standing, sitting and walking. However, exercise requires the different movements, and the place stress demands on the different areas that the average casualwear pattern. Therefore, you should look for the pattern that especially is designed for your activity or adapt when you need.

1.  Going zigzag

You might think that it is impossible to sew the sportswear without the overlocker. I make sure that you are wrong, You absolutely can sew the great sportswear.

Firstly, you need to set your sewing machine to the narrow zigzag with the short stitch length, and then you can sew several lines of stitching on the scrap before you start any new project.

After that, you have to stretch the fabric as far as you can length wise and cross wise to the stitching. In case that the stitching breaks you have to make the stitching more dense in that direction.

For example, you can shorten your stitch length if it pops lengthwise. In contrast, you can choose the narrower zigzag stitch if it pops crosswise.

Also, it is time for you to change your needle to a stretch or ballpoint tip if you are getting skipped stitch.

2. Do not stretch

While you are using the sewing machine or the overlocker, stretching the cloth can result in unsightly ripples. You have to control the different feed until it lies flat if you are getting the stitching on the overlocker.

With the sewing machine, you can invest in the walking foot, or you can use a roller food with the presser tension to turn down until without further rippling.

Some tips about stitching in sewing athletic wear

I want to share with you that some of the stitches that you see on the normal sportswear are stitches that you can not sew at home. However, the important is that I want you to know what are these and make it easy to determine where you can substitute other stitches

We can see that there is two function of this stitch which provides the abrasive and strongest stitch possible, Flat seaming and flat looking. It is in the areas where are stretched when you wear or will be stretched a lot during your movements.

You can use the cover stitch which is one of the great sewing machines for sportswear. It hems, can be decorative, stop stitches and under stitches. It might have two or three needles, and the underside is a looper and allowing the seam to stretch. You also can take the machine to one needle for chain stitching that is used for topstitching.

Besides, I also want to tell you about one more model which is serger. This machine will be appropriate for sewing with the knits; it also can be used when needing raw seam stretch and clean finishing.

Additionally, you can buy the zigzag machine which is the strongest stitches typically found on the bras, elastic and the medical garments. It can stretch and to recover repeatedly because of the nature of stitch angles. You might think that it is complicated with the multiple settings for the zigzag stitching on your machine.

You should remember that one step zigzag is when it is in one stitch length per angle. Three step is where there are three small stitches for per angle. In case that you can not have access to a serger, it would help you to go to stitch for construction. Besides, this stitch can be used for topstitching and install elastics.

Briefly, it depends on your machine options; there might be some stitches which available for stretch fabrics. If you want to check it, you can stretch the fabric to test their durability.

About thread

It can be seen that using the correct thread is very important. With athletic wear, this not only for the performance of your garment but also for being comfortable and relaxed. As I know, the mostly thread is used in active wear is the T18-T27 range and the lower number, the lighter the thread.

You have to be careful because the thread on the stores or spools normally is T40. The thread that is heavy can make us abrasions where the seam is held against yours if you are wearing the clothes with too much negative ease.

You can use another option for softer seams such as fluff thread which is textured and soft against the human’s body if you want to sew the compression garment or the thing that will be worn tightly.

In conclusion, the choice belongs to you. You can buy or sew sportswear. I just want you to know that sewing sportswear is not something out of our hands, just with some tips that I share with you, you can realize that nothing is impossible. Hope that you enjoy your life, have a good day!


How To Use Essential Oils for Colds

How To Use Essential Oils for Colds

A sore throat, a nasal congestion or a cough could visit you at any time and under circumstances whether the climate is hot or cold. For those who always the problem in their nose like the nose allergy or the weather allergy, they will feel uncomfortable.

In this situation, using essential oils is one of the best remedies to keep your respiratory tract away from the allergic issues under the weather. Is it tricky to use the essential oils, for colds and flu?

How To Use Essential Oils for Colds

Conventional treatments for cold and flu symptoms

Before knowing how to use the essential oils for colds, you should recognize the cold and flu symptoms and some traditional treatments to tackle the issue.

If you have a headache, a sneezing, a fever or a cold, a pain in the muscles, then these manifestations could refer a cold or a flu disease. Once you have gotten the cold or the flu symptoms, you should alleviatethese states as follows

  • Take the acetaminophen or ibuprofen tablets to reduce the fever or the pain in the muscles;
  • Get the decongestant medicines to reduce the congestion and the nasal passages;
  • Gargle the salt water to kill the bacteria, germs and virus in your throat;
  • Drink hot tea, chocolate cup, honey and cinnamon to decrease the sore – throat state;
  • Eat chicken soup to cut down the inflammation;
  • Eat fruits that have many vitamin C to boost your immune system;
  • Take the echinacea herb and zinc lozenges to prevent the potential symptom of the cold

How to use the essential oil for colds and flu

In fact, you could create the methods of the essential oils such as the bath blends, the massage blends, the aromatherapy, the diffusers, the oral application, the steam inhalation as well as the hot and cold bandage.

The steam inhalation

With the steam inhalation, you could drop a few drops of the essential oil in a pot with water or a bowl as well.

Then, you take a towel and cover all of your head and face like a tent in that pot or bowl in a few minutes.

Keep a distance (about ten inches) between the essential oil and your face to create a space to steam it easily.

In this time, you should breathe through your nose slowly and close your eyes at the same time. Repeat this movement in each of two minutes only.

On the one hand, you also drop the essential oil in a cotton ball or handkerchief and gulp clearly. You ought to inhale the essential oils from your pillow and undertake this remedy home before bedtime.

The bath blends

With the bath blends, you mix from two to twelve drops of the essential oil in a table spoon to the water bath.

Then, you enjoy the bath with full of the essential oil remedy. This treatment is ideal for those who always take a bath to relax.

However, please keep in mind that you should not stay in a bath longer than 30 minutes as you could get cold and flu again.

If you get a headache, then you would get the peppermint oil into both sides of the temple to decrease the pain.

The aromatherapy and the diffusers

With the aromatherapy and the diffusers, you might take the essential oils by burning or mixing it with foods and beverages depending on your styles. Do not forget to ask the advice from the physician to get the right solution.

The oral application

You are able to drop some essential oils to treat the cold and the flu, but you need to check the state of the essential oils which are safe and pure or not.

Drop the essential oil in the hot tea cup, chocolate cup or your foods to enjoy the flavor of the oil and foods at the same time.

If you do not want to use this method, you would take the capsule or drop the oil under your tongue as well.

Safeguard points to draw attention to before apply the essential oil treatment

Once you know the essential oil remedy to reduce the cold and flu symptoms, you should ask the advice from your doctor or practitioners who have a licensed natural health.

For those who have a pregnancy, you should evade the rosemary and clove bud essential oils. On the flip side, if you have the problem with epilepsy or hypertension, then you could not use these oils.

Essential oils with a sour note are hypersensitive andphototoxic you should use these oils in a limitation.

Bear in mind that you need to have a trying test of the essential oils before using a new essential oil to make sure that your body could not be allergic to the ingredients of the essential oils.


Now, you know the impact of the essential oil to your cold and flu state as well as how to use the essential oils. The essential oil treatment is not awkward to undertake and apply if you understand the ingredients of the essential oil and ask the advice from your doctor to make a certain home remedy.

Acoustic Electric Guitar

How to Choose the Best Acoustic Electric Guitar?

For those who do not feel comfortable with playing a traditional acoustic-electric guitar, they can play an acoustic-electric instead. You do not have to play a guitar size and shape that you do not relish to undertake a project. Everything you need to do right now is finding the best acoustic electric guitar. However, before doing that, you should take into account some points initially.

Acoustic Electric Guitar

1. An overview of an acoustic electric

Unfortunately, an acoustic guitar was usually treated with many limitations because the body of the guitar is the major source of sound amplification, you should find other ways to take the sound out there. One of the most common ways was to add a microphone in front of the instrument.

The drawback of enhancing the volume of an acoustic guitar, one the one hand, is every microphone can improve their colors to the final result (except to the pre-amplifier, other compressions, and equalization applied).

In other words, you should be careful both aim the right microphone position and select the proper microphone to use.

Using a microphone on the guitar makes a player is unchanging in a couple hours. On the flip side, the slightest sway and repositioning also impacts on the response that you totally choose.

2. Why should you select an acoustic-electric guitar?

There are a bunch of reasons why an acoustic-electric guitar is better than a particular one. For new players, they can plug in a guitar into an amplifier that most people do not identify.

Luckily, this is not usually the situation with all acoustic-electric guitars; especially with the piezoelectric pickups because they rise out high amplitude signals.

All you need to have is a small DI box which will reduce a little signal and you then plug your guitar directly to a mixer. Overall, how good the sound is depending on your guitar’s preamp.

Generally, playing an acoustic-electric guitar probably improves your possibilities. You can adjust the volume of your guitar which enables to come in a handy at times without getting a microphone from an amplifier.

You can perform smoothly without solving the close making and other tasks which spend much time to prepare the boomy low-end is an example.

Learning how to play an acoustic style guitar is a smart choice as you can learn the right habits at the beginning stage instead of waiting later which is more difficult to adjust your old habits. You cannot control many string levels later and other reverb pedals.

Several latest acoustic guitars are also inbuilt some extra benefits that traditional guitars do not have likelacking a guitar tuner. Do not be afraid of the price range because the best acoustic electric guitar always has many choices for all players to pick one. Furthermore, they have several new features that are waiting for you to try and perform.

3. What is the difference between an acoustic-electric guitar and a normal acoustic guitar?

If you pay attention to a little spot, you will recognize that “electric” is the main mater. A standard acoustic guitar totally depends on the quiver of the body to make the sound. With an acoustic electric guitar, it can use an amplifier or soundboard to create the sound of the guitar.

This also supports builders to make instruments which do not undertake with both smaller and shallower bodies. These guitars sound better when starting their performance.

You ought to find many electro-acoustic guitars on the current market and you are not sure these guitars. In fact, these models are the standard acoustic model which has the electronics. You still have great functional acoustic and get the benefit of plugging in.

Another great point is most of the high-quality preamps also have a tuner. This is a good feature to support you in some places where you do not have tune fork in.

When using an acoustic electric, you need to consider a soundboard or an amplifier. Any guitarist often needs to have a few pedals to pull the sound sharply.

In other words, you should have a volume pedal to handle the level with a tuner and a suitable chorus. A delay pedal is a good idea and you need to boost those solos. After that, plug the soundboard directly and enjoy the amplified acoustic sound.

4. Body styles of the acoustic electric guitars

Are you aware that body styles of the acoustic-electric guitars might impact on your performance?

In the comfort factor, you should find a body style that has a well-made form to your body when standing and sitting. In the sound factor, it depends on many things, but you should draw attention to the soundboard carefully. Some guitars designed to increase the sound and the comfort at the same time.

Although each producer has their special models to choose from a body style, both of them still have some similar points such as Dreadnought, Auditorium and Grand Auditorium, Concert and Grand Concert, Jumbo, and Minis.

  • Dreadnought: this is known for large dimensions and soundboard at the same time.
  • Auditorium and Grand Auditorium: this sometimes displays as an orchestra body. It is similar to a dreadnought body, but it has a middle size with the smaller neck.
  • Concert and Grand Concert: this often has a medium size with 13.5 inches on a concert body which is not bad.
  • Jumbo: this is considered as a classic cowboy guitar because it is big, loud, and deeply resounds.
  • Minis: this type is quite small and lightweight for everyone to bring when traveling.

Final Words

In a nutshell, the best acoustic electric guitars are the major choices with a lot of great features. It is said that there are several guitars which are incredible but they do not make the cut. The real reason is to lack space. We hope that you have found this article useful and have recognized some acoustic-electric guitars.

Sleepy Will, Mastering The Art

Born in the “deep south,” Sleepy Will has mastered the art of making a “real” song. He was born in the state of Mississippi, but raised in the streets of Chicago. There he witnessed firsthand what real street life is. With numerous battle scars and unparalleled street sense, Sleepy Will truly is “The Voice of The Streets.”

Sleepy Will has been producing hot songs for the past 10 years and has worked hard to become respected as a true M.C. His latest single “Quite Like You” is currently featured in Ice Cube’s new movie “Janky Promoters” starring Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Young Jeezy, and Lil J.J. from Comedy Central. “Quite Like You” is also featured in The CW’s hit television drama Melrose Place.

He has shared the stage with major recording artist Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball and MJG, Fiend, Boo The Boss Player, Bone Crusher, and David Banner to name a few. His influences are UGK, 2 Pac, Scarface, 8ball, Outkast, Ice Cube, Nas, and T.I.

Sleepy Will now resides in Richmond, California where he continues to press hard and is destined to become one of the greatest “Who’s Ever Done It.”

For booking info contact:

Early History
In 1996 Sleepy Will, along with a few high school friends, formed the now legendary group N.C.D. which stands for “Niggaz Cauzin Drama” in Jackson, Mississippi. N.C.D. was first discovered by Daryl Eaton the owner of Black Diamond Entertainment the summer of 1998. At that time his label only had one artist signed, Boo Rossini, who is now signed to Young Jeezy’s C.T.E. Music.

Daryl Eaton took Sleepy Will and N.C.D. under his wing and began the art of teaching the group how to record on a professional level. They released their first tape, “Who Is N.C.D.,” later that year and it instantly became a hood classic. Although the group received recognition as one of the top new acts in their city, creative differences ultimately led N.C.D. into parting ways with Black Diamond Entertainment and perusing their dream of owning their own independent record label.

In 2000 N.C.D. released their debut album “Mass Manipulation Presents N.C.D.” and experienced moderate success, selling more than 12,000 copies (out the trunk) within the first few months of the project’s release. During that time Sleepy Will immersed himself in the “ins and outs” of the music business and quickly emerged as the leader of the group which consisted of six members.

In 2002 N.C.D. released their third album, “The Ten Tyrants,” which also experienced moderate success, but due to members constantly going in and out of prison it was decided that the members who were the most dedicated to music would pursue solo careers.

In 2006 Sleepy Will moved to San Francisco, California and began to study film at The Academy of Art University.

In 2008 Sleepy Will decided to record his solo project entitled “The Legacy” which is still being promoted heavily to this day.

In 2011 Sleepy Will released his first mixtape entitled “West Coast Mobbin’ vol 1″ for promotional purposes. To date, Sleepy Will has given away over 20,000 physical copies of this project for free.

Learn more about Sleepy Will on his Official Artist Website.

Kadesh Flow, Gateways

Rapper, producer, and trombonist Kadesh Flow has been wowing both suspecting and unsuspecting listeners with his musical versatility since his early teens. At age 11, ‘Desh, as many of his listeners call him, began rapping and playing trombone within two weeks of one another. He nurtured his creative passions while earning an Interdisciplinary Studies BA and a Marketing and Analytics MBA from the University of Alabama.

Now the young emcee works as a business analyst at a large Healthcare IT firm by day, but by night he actively blends his jazz and hip-hop backgrounds into body bouncing and head bobbing tracks that range from crunk to sultry, from melodic to face-melting. Kadesh’s wide reaching, positive, and relatable content consistently wins over harsh hip-hop critics with his lyrical dexterity, drawing from multiple influences, including his collegiate experience, socio-cultural musings, spirituality, and nerdy passions.

These factors have lead him to such accomplishments as opening for B.o.B., sharing the stage with renowned jazz artists such as Lou Soloff and Andy Martin, performing at such locations as the Cannes Film Festival in Nice, France, and producing music for Toonami Asia that has aired on network television in multiple countries and territories across Southeast Asia.

Currently he records and performs actively, contributes original instrumentals and arrangements to various independent film scores. Desh’s most recent release, “Gateways,” is available for free online, has garnered great reviews, and is making the rounds online.

Learn more about Kadesh Flow on his Official Artist Website.

JTheStoryTeller, Hip-Hop Re$piration

JTheStoryTeller, also known as J Tha Poet, was born and raised in Miami, FL. His mother was the one who sparked all of his love for music and art. When his mother would invite her friends over he would always try to be the center of attention by either dancing or rapping. His mother used to take him with her to open mic nights and since then he started to develop his own craft.

He wrote his first 32 bar verse at the age of 7 and ever since then he’s been rapping and writing poetry since. When he entered into high school he joined the school’s poetry club where he started performing in poetry slams and artistic performances. Since then he’s performed in talent shows at UNF and Art Walks.

He is a part of a rap group called Hip-Hop Re$piration that consists of three other members: Khalil Solomon, Thai WiLLiams, and $upreme. J has released two mixtapes and is now working on his third.

He is defined as the savior to the ears of the youth with his creative sound that is known to inspire rather to embrace ignorance. In his senior year of high school he created the poetry club at his school and ever since then he’s been known to take whatever advantage he can get to spreading his talent.

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Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa, One Chance At Life

My name is Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa. I am a musician and composer that has been involved with music for over 5 years. I started on the musician side of things just as a guitarist (I now play bass and piano as well) with my influences at the time being rock bands such as Korn, Metallica, Nirvana, etc. I was bouncing in and out of all kinds of bands and as time went on I began to notice the whole band thing wasn’t going to work out due to lack of dedication/artists in my area.

With that being the case, I didn’t let that stop me and I immediately began composing and producing full songs on my own. I now compose music of all kinds in different genres from rock to rap, and everything in between. This is where my desire to become a renowned studio musician came alive.

I wish to compose and collaborate for established and emerging artists of all kinds. Though I have my heart set, I still have the burning passion to perform in a touring band. Performing in a band is indeed one of the exhilarating experiences ever!

I always encourage anyone I encounter to discover their passion and follow it. I feel there are not enough people in the world that follow their true passion. We all only have one chance at life. Might as well spend it doing what you truly love!

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