Hearing Protection for Musicians

For musicians, it’s very to protect their hearing because they have to be exposed to music. And, this can cause hearing loss. You may have to face the tinnitus. Ear protection for musicians can help to reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss.

Don’t worry! You may not know you can still hear all the music and important sounds when using most available musicians earplugs today. It’s never too early or too late to learn how to care for your ears. In this article, we will give you the list of best musicians earplugs.

Preventing hearing loss

The fact is that many people can be able to have constant loud sound exposure for years without any effects. On the contrary, some others can get damage after just one event. That’s the truth. But, it’s still a priority for every musician to protect their hearing. In fact, you can prevent the progression by taking some immediate steps. Make sure you always use ear protection in order to avoid ruining your ears.

In addition, you can also use a dB meter to develop the habit of concerning about the volume levels around you. More importantly, you need to look for quality speakers, in-ear monitors, or headphones. They allow you to get accurate frequency response. Don’t forget to keep their volume levels in check. You can also make a habit to use earbuds or plugs for any loud environment.

Start protecting your ears right away!

First, you should think about getting a cheap pair of foam earplugs. It’s easy to find them in most hardware stores. In fact, they are at an affordable price. They can help to reduce the volume in your ear. Normally, they are made of softer silicone. So, they are not harmful to your ears. Keep reading to learn about top best musicians earplugs on the market today.

Top best musicians earplugs

Alpine Limited Edition Party Plug EarPlugs

This device is a great choice for those who are looking for one for going to gigs, parties, as well as clubs. The earplugs can help to drop the decibel level by a whopping 25dB. Using them, you can get the noise at a safer level.

Thanks to their designs, you can hear the music in the club and the conversation. That’s why this is considered as the first choice of bartenders. They are also great for musicians because of their hardwearing construction as well as the reduction in sound.

Alpine MusicSafe Pro Ear Plugs

As musicians, you want to listen to the vibe of the song. This is one of the most popular products for hearing protection today. It can able to dramatically reduce the decibel level of the noise you are listening. Moreover, it can also be able to filter out all the damaging frequencies. This is the reason why it’s the best choice for professionals.

When choosing this product, you will get three interchangeable attenuators. Then, you can easily reduce the volume to your liking. You can easily use them with full of comfort. Indeed, you can attach them to your keys. The Alpine Musicsafe Pro Ear Plugs are also a great choice for your budget.

Vic Firth VF-EAR-R Regular EarPlugs

If you are a drummer, you easily get the risk of developing noise-induced hearing loss because of your constant exposer to the speakers and amps. Then, the Vic Firth VF-EAR-R regular earplugs are your best choice. They offer a 20dB sound reduction straight away. Thus, you can manage as well as reduce the risk of noise-induced hearing loss. In addition, they come with the heavy-duty neck cord.

Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers

When it comes to the best hearing protection products, we have to mention to the Alpine Earmuffs For Drummers. They are designed for a 25 dB sound reduction. If you are looking for a product for drummers for live use, consider this product. They come with the soft fabric headband. So, you will feel comfortable when wearing them. Also, this is a good choice for your kid’s ears.

Blackstar ACS High Fidelity Earplugs

This device allows you to tune out all those harsh and damaging frequencies. And, it offers a 19dB sound reduction. It makes sure you can still hear the clarity of the music you’re listening to. When it comes to the Blackstar ACS Earplugs, you can get two sets of earplugs, a carry case, a set of filters, as well as a neck cord all. But, this is a good choice for your budget. It allows you to reuse. Consider it if you have to take part in gigs or DJ clubs.

ProGuard Custom Fit Musicians and DJs Earplugs

It’s a great investment when you purchase a set of custom musicians earplugs. This unit is actually one of the best musicians earplugs in the world. This is also a great option for professionals who need a custom option to protect their hearing. Think about them when you have the intention of taking part in long jam sessions or gigs.

Sleepy Will, Mastering The Art

Born in the “deep south,” Sleepy Will has mastered the art of making a “real” song. He was born in the state of Mississippi, but raised in the streets of Chicago. There he witnessed firsthand what real street life is. With numerous battle scars and unparalleled street sense, Sleepy Will truly is “The Voice of The Streets.”

Sleepy Will has been producing hot songs for the past 10 years and has worked hard to become respected as a true M.C. His latest single “Quite Like You” is currently featured in Ice Cube’s new movie “Janky Promoters” starring Ice Cube, Mike Epps, Young Jeezy, and Lil J.J. from Comedy Central. “Quite Like You” is also featured in The CW’s hit television drama Melrose Place.

He has shared the stage with major recording artist Three 6 Mafia, 8Ball and MJG, Fiend, Boo The Boss Player, Bone Crusher, and David Banner to name a few. His influences are UGK, 2 Pac, Scarface, 8ball, Outkast, Ice Cube, Nas, and T.I.

Sleepy Will now resides in Richmond, California where he continues to press hard and is destined to become one of the greatest “Who’s Ever Done It.”

For booking info contact:

Early History
In 1996 Sleepy Will, along with a few high school friends, formed the now legendary group N.C.D. which stands for “Niggaz Cauzin Drama” in Jackson, Mississippi. N.C.D. was first discovered by Daryl Eaton the owner of Black Diamond Entertainment the summer of 1998. At that time his label only had one artist signed, Boo Rossini, who is now signed to Young Jeezy’s C.T.E. Music.

Daryl Eaton took Sleepy Will and N.C.D. under his wing and began the art of teaching the group how to record on a professional level. They released their first tape, “Who Is N.C.D.,” later that year and it instantly became a hood classic. Although the group received recognition as one of the top new acts in their city, creative differences ultimately led N.C.D. into parting ways with Black Diamond Entertainment and perusing their dream of owning their own independent record label.

In 2000 N.C.D. released their debut album “Mass Manipulation Presents N.C.D.” and experienced moderate success, selling more than 12,000 copies (out the trunk) within the first few months of the project’s release. During that time Sleepy Will immersed himself in the “ins and outs” of the music business and quickly emerged as the leader of the group which consisted of six members.

In 2002 N.C.D. released their third album, “The Ten Tyrants,” which also experienced moderate success, but due to members constantly going in and out of prison it was decided that the members who were the most dedicated to music would pursue solo careers.

In 2006 Sleepy Will moved to San Francisco, California and began to study film at The Academy of Art University.

In 2008 Sleepy Will decided to record his solo project entitled “The Legacy” which is still being promoted heavily to this day.

In 2011 Sleepy Will released his first mixtape entitled “West Coast Mobbin’ vol 1″ for promotional purposes. To date, Sleepy Will has given away over 20,000 physical copies of this project for free.

Learn more about Sleepy Will on his Official Artist Website.

Kadesh Flow, Gateways

Rapper, producer, and trombonist Kadesh Flow has been wowing both suspecting and unsuspecting listeners with his musical versatility since his early teens. At age 11, ‘Desh, as many of his listeners call him, began rapping and playing trombone within two weeks of one another. He nurtured his creative passions while earning an Interdisciplinary Studies BA and a Marketing and Analytics MBA from the University of Alabama.

Now the young emcee works as a business analyst at a large Healthcare IT firm by day, but by night he actively blends his jazz and hip-hop backgrounds into body bouncing and head bobbing tracks that range from crunk to sultry, from melodic to face-melting. Kadesh’s wide reaching, positive, and relatable content consistently wins over harsh hip-hop critics with his lyrical dexterity, drawing from multiple influences, including his collegiate experience, socio-cultural musings, spirituality, and nerdy passions.

These factors have lead him to such accomplishments as opening for B.o.B., sharing the stage with renowned jazz artists such as Lou Soloff and Andy Martin, performing at such locations as the Cannes Film Festival in Nice, France, and producing music for Toonami Asia that has aired on network television in multiple countries and territories across Southeast Asia.

Currently he records and performs actively, contributes original instrumentals and arrangements to various independent film scores. Desh’s most recent release, “Gateways,” is available for free online, has garnered great reviews, and is making the rounds online.

Learn more about Kadesh Flow on his Official Artist Website.

JTheStoryTeller, Hip-Hop Re$piration

JTheStoryTeller, also known as J Tha Poet, was born and raised in Miami, FL. His mother was the one who sparked all of his love for music and art. When his mother would invite her friends over he would always try to be the center of attention by either dancing or rapping. His mother used to take him with her to open mic nights and since then he started to develop his own craft.

He wrote his first 32 bar verse at the age of 7 and ever since then he’s been rapping and writing poetry since. When he entered into high school he joined the school’s poetry club where he started performing in poetry slams and artistic performances. Since then he’s performed in talent shows at UNF and Art Walks.

He is a part of a rap group called Hip-Hop Re$piration that consists of three other members: Khalil Solomon, Thai WiLLiams, and $upreme. J has released two mixtapes and is now working on his third.

He is defined as the savior to the ears of the youth with his creative sound that is known to inspire rather to embrace ignorance. In his senior year of high school he created the poetry club at his school and ever since then he’s been known to take whatever advantage he can get to spreading his talent.

Learn more about J Tha Poet and the Higher Learning EP on Hot New Hip Hop.

Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa, One Chance At Life

My name is Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa. I am a musician and composer that has been involved with music for over 5 years. I started on the musician side of things just as a guitarist (I now play bass and piano as well) with my influences at the time being rock bands such as Korn, Metallica, Nirvana, etc. I was bouncing in and out of all kinds of bands and as time went on I began to notice the whole band thing wasn’t going to work out due to lack of dedication/artists in my area.

With that being the case, I didn’t let that stop me and I immediately began composing and producing full songs on my own. I now compose music of all kinds in different genres from rock to rap, and everything in between. This is where my desire to become a renowned studio musician came alive.

I wish to compose and collaborate for established and emerging artists of all kinds. Though I have my heart set, I still have the burning passion to perform in a touring band. Performing in a band is indeed one of the exhilarating experiences ever!

I always encourage anyone I encounter to discover their passion and follow it. I feel there are not enough people in the world that follow their true passion. We all only have one chance at life. Might as well spend it doing what you truly love!

To view videos by Marcus “Ritmo” Figueroa visit his Official YouTube Channel.

Amir Obe: An Interview to Be Remembered

Do you love authentic hip-hop that is like candy to your ears? Well, if so, then Amir Obe will surely not disappoint you. As a matter of fact, each song on his new mixtape “Detrooklyn” is a surefire club hit.

Born and raised in Detroit, this Michigan native is taking hip-hop by storm. With highly acclaimed producer NYLZ producing his latest mixtape, Amir has garnered a lot of media attention. He was even featured in prestigious magazines such as “Complex Magazine,” “HypeTrends,” and of course, yours truly, “Rude Boy Magazine.”

If that isn’t enough, his new single “Hennessy Breath” has almost 10,000 YouTube views. That’s pretty impressive for someone who is not signed to a major label yet. Take a look below at our interview with hip-hop’s next superstar Amir Obe and see what all the hype is about.

What new releases are coming up for you this year? Right now I am continuing the momentum from my last mixtape and I have a few videos that are going to be coming out. I got one dropping next week and I am going be shooting the next 2 videos probably within the next 2 weeks.

Where did you grow up? I actually grew up in Detroit but by the time I was in my mid-teens I was back and forth a lot in New York with my sister because I was thinking about going to art school (and she kind of showed me the ropes). But most of my life I was based in Detroit.

What was your big break that put you on the hip-hop radar? I’ve been doing music a lot so I had the cool grassroots following from the internet. They’ve always stuck around but at this point it’s really based on my recent material. I recently dropped a song called “Jay Z Kanye Esco,” followed with a video and in the end had a great response from editorials, like Complex and Hypetrend.  Also my social media has been growing too.

Are you planning on locking into any major labels? Recently a few labels reached out, but I don’t want to really drop names. A few pretty big managers have also reached out, but I usually forward it to my team and they deal with that. There actually might be a few meetings coming up in the next few weeks and if we find a good situation we might pursue it. But we really are just looking for something that’s mutually beneficial at this point because we have a pretty good lane on the independent album route right now. If it comes along and we find a good label, we might pursue it though.

Can you sum up everything you’ve done so far as mixtapes and albums go? I basically put out 3 mixtapes. The most recent one being Detrooklyn and before that one I released one called No Assembly Required and another called The New Religion. I also made a few YouTube videos, but since my name change I’ve only put out one video.

What is thing that you think most people find intriguing about you? I think it’s a mixture of me being consistent online and the fact that I’m always growing as an artist. I would also say my style is an important factor. I’ve been in a few magazines and Instagram helps promote my style a lot. But most importantly I would like to credit my music.

Can you tell me a little bit about your hot new track “Hennessy Breath?” The track was really made to be relatable to people around my age because a lot of us drink. It started off as just a fun song but it turned into something great with the production and everything. So it sounds like a drunken record. Content wise it really is about the good and the bad in relationships. It probably is a song that a lot of young people can relate to. It also takes a glimpse into my past and present.

Are you planning on touring with any other artists? Yes that’s definitely the next step, especially after the momentum of my last mixtape. But I’m definitely looking for somebody good to go on tour with and that’s in the same lane with what I am doing. I don’t want to get off on the wrong foot.

What can we expect to see from you in the beginning of 2015? I definitely want to have an EP out before the end of the year, but I’ll see how the end of this year goes. I’ll also continue to elevate my craft.

What do you think are the biggest challenges in being an artist? My biggest challenge probably is getting the attention. I don’t have any problems recording music, but really it’s just getting the attention of people who can take my career to the next level.

Can you give us some information on your newest mixtape Detrooklyn? Well my producers and I worked on that mixtape for over a year and it tells a story from my beginnings as an artist up until now. I even put it out for free so people can really enjoy the project.

Being that you’re from Detroit, are you getting a lot of support from people outside of Detroit? In Detroit the love is real and I wish I could be there more. I would definitely say that in Detroit I have my biggest fan base.

Who is a part of your entourage? On the music side, I have a very small circle. It’s really just me and my producer NYLZ. He produces and engineers everything that I’m on. We actually work in only one studio in Detroit. Another person is my circle is Daniel Worthy. He is an amazing producer from Toronto.

Can you tell me about the other artists that you’re collaborating with as of now? I haven’t really collaborated with any artists but I have a lot of cool relationships with people. Hopefully soon I’ll work with a couple of them like PartyNextDoor. He’s been very successful and has been a long-time friend of mine. I also have a cool relationship with Big Sean’s people and have been working with them a lot.

Is there anything else that you would like to mention? I just want to say that I am currently working on a new project which will include a lot of visuals. So stay tuned!


And there we have it, hip-hop’s next big thing. Detrooklyn is available to download now on ITunes. Click on the link below to hear Amir’s hot new single “Hennessy Breath.”

QuazyNotCrazy, Making History

My name is Quayshaun aka QuazyNotCrazy and I’m born in Saint Louis, Missouri. I’m determined by the blessings and the shortcomings of music and power that history can make.

I am 23 years old and I’m an only child; hard working and with an achievable background. Life is how it comes to your work and your ethic.

Turning up is fun and all but making history that’s something only a blessed person can do. That’s what I set myself to do in life while maintaining common sense and overcoming any stress due to my over-thinking. Get to know me, I am QuazyNotCrazy.

Street Currency Declined: 10 Rappers with No Street Cred

We all know that street credibility is essential in the hip-hop industry. It can make or break an artist’s career and offers a sense of authenticity for die hard hip-hop fans. But what happened if a hip-hop superstar does not own the streets that they rap about?

Today we will look at 10 hip-hop sensations who don’t exactly claim their street thrones. On this list you’ll see show-stopping “Femcees” to chart-topping music “Gigolos,” all culminating in our number 1 pick for rapper with the least street cred. Get ready!

10)  Macklemore


At number 10 on our list is Grammy award winning hip-hop artist Macklemore. Actually it is his Grammy award win itself (where he edged out the favorite, Kendrick Lamar) that put him on our list. The win left many questioning if he really deserved it and ultimately diminished his street credibility.

9)  Nick Canon


Next on our list is, the funny man himself, Nick Cannon. While he is best known for his acting abilities, he has had a very successful hip-hop career (especially for his hit song “Gigolo”). But he has never really shown an attitude of toughness throughout his career and his latest album called “White People Party” doesn’t help.

8)  Iggy Azalea


At #8 on our list is the chart-topping “Femcee” herself Iggy Azalea. While the MC has been owning the hip-hop world in terms of chart performance, many people feel as though her songs have too much of a pop influence.

7) Rick Ross


Many might be wondering why Rick Ross is even on this list. But when he announced that he had been a correctional officer in 2008, it left many questioning his authenticity as an MC.

6) Nicki Minaj


While this hip-hop phenom has had a great success as a “femcee,” (even surpassing Michael Jackson in Billboard Hot 100 entries) she has had quite a hard time keeping street credibility. Although at the start of her career her music consisted of die-hard hip-hop bars, as the years went on her music changed to bubbly pop tunes.

5) Dr. Dre


We all know 80s hip-hop sensation Dr. Dre, who revolutionized the rap industry, but his recent endeavor in corporate business with his company Beats by Dre has ended in many posing the question “Is Dr. Dre a sell-out?”

4) Ice T


The famed MC Ice T garnered a lot of attention for his smooth rhymes on songs such as “Cop Killer” back in the early 90, but it’s his acting endeavors that may have killed his street cred. His soft roles on shows such as Law & Order SVU and his reality show on E! are the reasons why he is number 4 on our list.

3) Ice Cube


Ice Cube is often stated on the list of greatest hip-hop legends of all-time, but it’s his recent dabblings in cheesy kids movies, such as “Are We There Yet?” that has diminished his street cred.

2) Bow Wow


At #2 is the rap prodigy himself Bow Wow. While he had garnered much success as a child rapper, he never quite learned how to smoothly transition from a child star to an adult hip-hop sensation.

1)  Drake


Finally at number 1 on our list is no other than one of the most successful MCs of the decade, Drake. While this hip-hop sensation is making millions off of rapping about the hard street life, his past as a childhood actor on the show Degrassi doesn’t help his street credibility (especially being that his childhood was most likely pretty good with him being a former child star and all).


And there we have it, our top 10 list of rappers with no street cred. It’s safe to say that these MCs should stick to making music and leave owning the streets to the real gangsters.

Kenn Retro, The Next Windy City Superstar

Kenn Retro is an emerging underground lyricists born on June 13. Bred from the wicked streets of Chicago on the Westside of Oak Park, Kenn dreamed to rise above his environment and express his voice. Kenn was raised into a family of music lovers. His grandparents owned Out Of The Past Records which gave him a diverse style and edginess that molded his personality.

It was this life situation where his love of music flourished. He had much to talk about and his diversified music allowed him to express himself freely and develop his skills as an MC, and has even ghost wrote songs for other various artists outside of his genre.

He has performed in various places across the nation. From Chicago’s Double Doors to Santos Club and MNN network live on cable in New York City. Kenn has also featured in XXL Magazine, YoRaps!,,,,,, and to name a few. All which helped him to become one with the stage and closer to his fans.

Kenn Retro has now embarked on a journey to share his unique sense of style in music with the rest of the world. Ready yourselves for what’s next to come, what Kenn’s bringing to your ears is pure bliss!

Kenn Retro released his first studio album independently. “The ID EGO & SUPEREGO.” Be prepared to hear more coming from this young, fresh, and skilled artist coming out of Chicago. Kenn Retro’s sound is hot right now, mixing old school with the new. Kenn Retro is about to be the next superstar out of the windy city!

Mitchell & Ness “Snapsback” with a Phenomenal NBA Hat Collection

Do you love unique headwear inspired by your favorite basketball team? Well now you are in luck because iconic sportswear brand Mitchell & Ness has made a special collection of hats for the activewear shop chain LIDS that is sure to stop you in your tracks. This is truly one of the greatest mashups of the year.

We all know that the sportswear brand Mitchell & Ness has come out with amazing products year after year, but they have never developed a product as unique as the one that they just recently released at LIDs. If you didn’t already know, this iconic company just launched a “Reflective XL Logo Snapback Headwear Collection.”

“Well what exactly is a reflective  collection?” you might be asking. To put it simply, it is a collection that utilizes reflective materials in its design (in this case Mitchell & Ness put the reflective material on their new hat’s NBA team logos).

If that’s not enough, this collection is even more of a phenomenon because under flash photography the XL team logos irradiate, allowing you to show your team spirit under almost any circumstance (especially when attending your favorite team’s basketball game). Our favorite design is the Chicago Bulls snapback because when a flash hits it the illumination makes it look like the bull is coming alive (which is pretty awesome).

All in all, what’s not to love? As you can see the collaboration of the year has just arrived and it was made just for you chic hat lovers. To purchase these phenomenal hats visit